14 October 2022

The SHOP2GIVE marketplace is going to make a huge impact in the community when it launches early next month. 

Partnering with SBS Bank, Raizor NZ has developed the online platform SHOP2GIVE that allows people to shop online with local merchants and give back to charity at the same time. 

With a strong record of bringing beneficial products like charitable credit cards to the market, Raizor promotes a philanthropic mentality through their “giving made easy” philosophy. SHOP2GIVE is SBS and Raizor’s latest initiative, combining the selection and convenience of online shopping with a simple and straightforward way to give back to the community. 

Through SHOP2GIVE, customers can shop for products and services in over a dozen categories including clothing, food and beverage, pet supplies, travel and accommodation and professional services. These merchants will include some local companies who don’t have their products available online elsewhere. 

Any merchant can request to join the platform with no joining or membership fees on the first year to help them get started. A Raizor technician will help the merchant with the initial setup and give one-on-one coaching explaining how to upload products so merchants can have full control over what they have on offer.  

To fund the platform, a modest fee is charged to the merchant on each transaction. Up to 50% of this cost is credited back to the customer to a special fund called an Impact Wallet. 

The Impact Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows the customer to save these funds and donate them to the nominated charity of their choice. They can then designate these funds to the charity whenever they wish. This makes giving back simple while still being deliberate. 

SHOP2GIVE will have four Southland charities to choose from at launch–Ronald McDonald House South Island, Loss and Grief Centre, The Hawthornedale Care Village, and Southland Charity Hospital–along with Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. As the platform grows over time, they plan to partner with more charities and nonprofit organisations. 

The platform will be launched NZ-wide in early November. 

For comments or enquiries, contact Sue Duncan at or +64 21 336 636

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