Southland Charity Hospital buoyed by community support

26 July 2020
Southland Charity Hospital buoyed by community support

We can’t tell you how humbling it is to receive donations from members of our community – your generosity blows us away. One of the latest community groups to get behind our cause was the Balfour Lions Club – together they raised $3000, which they have kindly donated to the Southland Charity Hospital. We had a chat to president Olivia Ross.

How did you raise this money, and who was involved in this fundraising effort?

The Balfour Lions Club and its members held a 4WD trip traversing the Dunrobin Valley in early March. We had a great turnout of those keen to not only see the view of the Dunrobin Valley, but also support this incredible initiative started by Blair Vining and carried on by members of the community in his honour.

Why did your organisation want to donate to the Southland Charity Hospital?

We wanted to support a not-for-profit that will benefit both our community and those who attend our annual projects. Blair’s story was heartfelt throughout our community and by many in the district, who have suffered from losing loved ones to cancer over time. A lot of them would have benefited had this been around in their time of need. To support this into the future was a no-brainer, especially when it’s going to be on our back doorstep.

What do you hope your donation assists the Southland Charity Hospital with?

As well as general expenses, the Balfour Lions hopes its donation will be able to help southerners in need, by enabling testing and treatment to happen far faster than it does now.

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