Southland Charity Hospital project buoyed by expertise

13 May 2020

By the community – for the community: that’s the ethos behind the Southland Charity Hospital, which is excited and privileged to announce that Boyd Wilson has volunteered to serve in the vital role of development manager.

Southland Charity Hospital trustee Melissa Vining, wife of the late Blair Vining – whose tireless campaign for better cancer care for all Kiwis attracted plenty of support – says she is thrilled to announce that Boyd, of Bonisch Consultants, has come on board with the project. Boyd’s involvement with the project as it progresses through the building phase of establishing the Southland Charity Hospital was “huge”.

“When you start working on a project like the Southland Charity Hospital, you desperately want a safe pair of hands – and Boyd is the safest pair of hands we could have dreamed of,” she says.

“His expertise has already been invaluable and the fact that he has offered to carry on providing the Southland Charity Hospital with his services is just mind-blowing. This project completely relies on the support of people here in the deep south of New Zealand and his generosity and willingness to be part of what we want to achieve is tremendous.”

Wilson says he is hopeful the hospital could be opened by the end of 2021.

The project needed about $1 million in funding before it could start the build and had so far raised about half of that.

“All going well, with the tail wind continuing the way it has so far with this project and the public continuing to support it, I’m hopeful by the end of next year we could be cutting the ribbon. I think it’s doable, and we’ll certainly be trying to make that happen,” he says.

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