Invercargill girls set to shave hair in bid to support cancer care in the south

13 September 2020
Invercargill girls set to shave hair in bid to support cancer care in the south

Rosa and Kenzie from St John’s Girls School in Invercargill are doing what seems – to some – unthinkable.

“People keep saying we’re brave. But we’re just doing it for a good cause,” Rosa says.

This 25 September, the two Year Eight students are set to shave off their hair, during the last school assembly of term three. Why?

To support not just the Southland Charity Hospital, but the Cancer Society too.

The duo have spent the last several weeks working hard to reach their fundraising goal of $2000, which they plan to donate to our charity hospital’s cause. A mufti day at their school raised almost $700. After their locks are shorn, they will also donate their hair to the Cancer Society to be made into wigs, in support of Kiwis battling the disease.

The girls were inspired to take the plunge after a visit to the school by Southland Charity Hospital board member Melissa Vining, whose husband Blair’s continued advocacy for more equitable healthcare for southern New Zealanders led to the formation of the charity hospital. Their plans were also driven by the bravery of family members and other people they knew who had battled cancer.

“Lots of people are affected by it, but this is just a little thing we can do to help,” Kenzie says.

Melissa Vining says the girl’s efforts mean a lot to her personally.

“Losing their hair can be another distressing experience for people suffering from cancer to face, as it is another uncontrollable in the treatment journey to deal with. For Rosa and Kenzie to be so selfless in support of people in our community makes me feel so proud that some of the youngest members of our community are so connected to our cause. It’s a really lovely gesture, and I hope to be there supporting them on the day,” she says.

Those wanting to support Rosa and Kenzie’s fundraising efforts can do so by donating into the account listed in the picture below. In-person donations can also be made at the school office.

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