Thank you SW Finance

12 January 2021
Thank you SW Finance

Southlanders just keep on giving to the Southland Charity Hospital – and the latest gesture from Scott Williamson, of SW Finance, has once again humbled those involved.

In late January, Scott’s newly launched business, SW Finance, is the headline sponsor for the upcoming 2020/2021 New Zealand Saloon Championships, being held at X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway.

As part of the title sponsorship package, SW Finance has exclusive access to the corporate area for the weekend – and has chosen to gift this to volunteers involved with the Southland Charity Hospital, with full hospitality included.

“I believe those involved with the hospital are very deserving of this package and will get a massive kick out of it and a great chance to enjoy the atmosphere,” Scott said.

“We just saw fit to gift the area to a deserving charity for the weekend. The corporate area is a project the local club has been working on for several years – it is by far the best seat in the house – and this is the first time it will be filled to capacity.”

Scott said the offer was about thanking the volunteers and board of the Southland Charity Hospital for all of their hard work and dedication.

And what better opportunity than a national event?

The event is the first national saloon championship event for Southland since 1992 and has generated plenty of interest from all over New Zealand, with participants entered from the breadth of the country.

Southland Charity Hospital general manager Helen Robinson said the gesture was hugely appreciated, and yet another example of the generosity of Southlanders.

“All of the progress that has been made towards the Southland Charity Hospital would simply not be possible without the huge number of really dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful to each and every one of them but, given we are in constant fundraising mode, it is difficult to really express that gratitude, so this opportunity is amazing.”

“We are very thankful to Scott and SW Finance for this offer and are really looking forward to the event. We hope Southlanders will support the event – it sounds incredible. How exciting to see a national championship event here on our doorstep, we cannot wait!”

Scott has been involved with speedway for many years, including as a driver, volunteer and spectator.

After a lengthy career with X Factor Cars, he has launched SW Finance; a finance and insurance brokerage, specialising in vehicle finance, warranty and insurances with a personal, straight-up and genuine touch.

The SW Finance NZ Saloon Championships will be held at X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway on January 29 and 30. To find out more see:


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